What You'll Need

At Stages of Recovery we strive to do our best in accommodating to the needs of all our clients, and understand that you, or your loved one, may not have every item listed. To try and better assist you, we’ve added a few links to items we recommend on Amazon (these are just items that we recommend if you do not already posses them).

Please don’t hesitate to call and discuss any concerns or issues that you may experience.

As to ensure the safety of all our patients there are mandatory bag checks before an individual can officially move into our Transitional Living homes; all items found in the “Items Not to Bring” list that our staff considers dangerous, will be confiscated and disposed of immediately.

Items to Bring

For a more detailed checklist, please click here

Items Not to Bring 

  • Over the Counter Medication
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Weapons (e.g.  brass knuckles, pepper spray, firearms, tasers)
  • Products containing alcohol (e.g. Mouthwash, hand sanitizer)

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