Stages of Recovery Program Director, Cole Watts Interview By Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal is running a four-part series about the impacts that drug usage and drug addiction have had on Lubbock and the South Plains at large. For the third installment of the series, The AJ interviewed Stages of Recovery’s CFO and Program Director, Cole Watts.

What Makes Lubbock Different Regarding Addiction

In the informative and candid interview, Cole explains how drug usage differs a bit in Lubbock, compared to the rest of the nation. While the opiate epidemic which is making national headlines has impacted Lubbock, it is important not to leave other substance use disorders in the dark. Specifically, Lubbock struggles with abnormally high rates of alcoholism, meth-addictions, and benzodiazepine-addictions.

Cole explains that while many view alcoholism¬†as a disease which affects older individuals more often, in Lubbock, it is not uncommon to find individuals in their early 20’s who have never really dabbled in drugs but are full-blown alcoholics.

What Makes Lubbock Different Regarding Recovery

Cole goes on to explain that Stages of Recovery expanded past only providing sober living services, to offering counseling, day programming and even in person psychiatric consultation. Making it one of the few facilities in the city to provide such a wide range of addiction and recovery medical services under one roof.

Cole goes onto the explain that Lubbock offers many unique opportunities for individuals in recovery such as Texas Tech’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery. The center gives individuals in long-term recovery scholarships to return to higher learning, as well as support for the unique challenges they may experience trying to navigate the college.

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